A collection of memories, stories and comics that mean a lot to me. Please enjoy :)


Getting Home

My mom, with her young family, faced discrimination as she started a new life in America. These drawings were created from her telling me of one experience(on various occasions), where MTA buses would see her, two children in tow, a baby, and a stroller, and ignore her waiting at the bus stop.  

Story Test

LBX 20' Challenge

Mimic 25mm and 100mm camera shots.  


One in All

Identity is hard to grasp sometimes. If you can grow to accept yourself, you can spread that to others. In collaboration with Emolit.


Flower Tank tops

As a young girl, there were some comments made by loved ones that hurt me. For whatever reason they've stuck with me through my adulthood, but I now think of them as reminders of how to treat others.



Tennis Times

I've loved tennis my whole life, these drawings recall one sobering moment as a little girl trying to become something more.

More stories...

Story Adaptation

La Princesa y el Choclo

A Peruvian spin on the classic tale "The Princess and the Pea".

Graphic Novel (WIP)