A collection of memories, stories and comics that mean a lot to me. Please enjoy :)


Flower Tank tops

As a young girl, there were some comments made by loved ones that hurt me. For whatever reason they've stuck with me through my adulthood, but I now think of them as reminders of how to treat others.


Getting Home

My mom, with her young family, faced discrimination as she started a new life in America. These drawings were created from her telling me of one experience(on various occasions), where MTA buses would see her, two children in tow, a baby, and a stroller, and ignore her waiting at the bus stop.  



Tennis Times

I've loved tennis my whole life, these drawings recall one sobering moment as a little girl trying to become something more.

Story Adaptation

La Princesa y el Choclo

A Peruvian spin on the classic tale "The Princess and the Pea".

Graphic Novel (WIP)

The 7

The Greek gods, long-time surveyors of the world, have grown tired of the human race. In an effort to prove that there is still hope in humanity, 7 individuals are spotlighted by the gods, to prove that hope and redemption are alive.